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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Play at Home Mom: Building with Ice Blocks

Because I've had my eye out lately for some fun art projects and I've been wanting to include some good sensory activities for the boys, I've absolutely fallen in love with a new site called Play at Home Mom. Every day, there are new ideas for good, messy fun, and it very much meets that sensory need (especially beneficial for kids of the "energetic" variety...which you may know we specialize in here at the McG house!)

This week we tried the colored ice blocks. We were mixing them at lunch when Alan was here, so P happily explained to him,
"First, we mix the water and the color, then we sit back and relax in a comfortable chair, for like one or two or three hours, and then...we play with ice blocks!"

This was a great break in a hot day. I'm thinking we add a good sensory activity into our weekly rhythm, there are so many on PAHM that I am ready to try.


  1. I love the Play At HOme Mom site!! They are fabulous at taking normal activites and making them extraordinary! I just bought insta snow and liquid watercolors to take to the beach with us next week! This activity will be an easy one too!! HAVE FUN!!!!!

  2. We tried this and M enjoyed it...the blocks ended up in her plastic pool.