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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Recycled Marble Run

My apologies to any who follow our family scrapbook alongside this - I find I am struggling lately to find the line between family posts and "learning" posts...but I'm also coming to believe more and more that there need be no line between learning and the rest of life, or a space for learning apart from the rest of the world we have to explore!  So...a repeat from the family blog:

Our recycling bins got scavenged last night by a daddy and son on a mission to make a marble run in the living room.
Several tubes and containers, an innocent bystander piano (and a good bit of duct tape later), they had this contraption up and running - and oh the enthusiasm when the marble clinked down the little pentatonic glockenspiel at the end.

Does the celebration dance Pax does match the intensity of a marble run? I'm not sure, but, in his mind, it most certainly did.

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