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Monday, July 18, 2011

What Simple Food is Teaching Us

It started as an all-out attack on the family grocery budget.  My love for feeding my family "real" foods with simple ingredients I recognize was deeply rooted, and, I think, an integral part of our simplicity journey...but it was decidedly not compatible with my grocery budget.  What was I to do?  After several months of flagrant overspending, it became clear that Food and Finances needed to sit down and have a little meeting of the minds.

I discovered a fantastic book by Stephanie Langford, Real Food on a Real Budget, which gave me just what I needed - A guide to find the simplest, most nutritionally dense, whole foods, as well as instructions for preparation which would drastically simplify our spending.  At first I was a little intimidated by the superwoman skill-set Mrs. Langford was flexing in the kitchen...but a little determination and a difficult economy soon had us learning.

The most important thing we're learning, however, has far less to do with savings and far more to do with family connections.  Meals take longer to prepare - much longer - but there is something very peaceful about spending a morning together baking bread or sorting and soaking dried beans.  The boys love the jobs they have (I dare say even more than the errands I would have come up with to fill the extra time before.)  Similarly, when we are not in a rush to prepare a meal, I'm much happier to let our one year old chef join in, too...the pride and sincere joy he takes in his culinary arts is worth a few minutes with the vacuum!

So it seems we found a hidden blessing  disguised as a long list of kitchen duties.  Our new, simpler food is saving us money, sure, but better...

It's slowing us down.

It's bringing us together around a common task.

I have a feeling it is filling the boys with a new respect and thankfulness for the food we eat.

Simpler is not always easier, but it is proving to be a great teacher in the things that matter most!


  1. Slowing down is ALWAYS a good thing! And nothing beats home-baked goodies!

  2. I really love everything you are doing

    I wondered if you wanted that word verification on your comments...only asking b/c a few comments I made didn't go through...I wonder if that happens to other people, also