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Friday, September 2, 2011

sensory play - cornstarch SLIME!

It's not a solid, It's not a liquid -or maybe it is both - whatever, it is intriguing!  (Likely the reason I have vivid memories of my own mom making this recipe with me!)

If you hit it, it becomes solid and breaks.  If it sits still, you have a wonderful, drippy ooze.  The perfect thing to keep a couple of kids busy!
There are only two ingredients - and both are edible, so you can even invite your teething toddlers to the fun.  You'll need a large bag of dry cornstarch, (food coloring optional), and water.

To make:  start with TWO part corn starch in a bowl (adding coloring at this point), then, slowly, add ONE part water, mixing with your hands until all the powder is wet. 

Now, drop in a little water at a time, mixing as you go.  It will not take much water to change the consistency - and you'll know when you have it, because it will start behaving very oddly, breaking all the rules you ever learned in science class.  Good stuff! 

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  1. Do NOT dispose of in a drain. The cornstarch and water will eventually seperate but in your pipes it can catch stuff and clog them. A science page I read before doing this at home suggested pouring it in ziplock bags and putting in your trash.