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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Counting Set from Bella's Casa

A few weeks ago, a Montessori toy maker, (Jae Jun of Bella's Casa) approached us to consider a barter between her toy shop and our A Kid's Day shop.  What a blessing this turned out to be!  Her shop is full of beautiful, simple toys for babies and young school children.

We received this wonderful, hand-made Montessori counting set.  The boys and I sat down to play with it the day it arrived, and they both covered so many math skills without realizing we were working at all.  I would have never expected that it would lend itself to so many (really fun) games.   It will be a great tool when we start some more formal learning (and like all the best kinds of learning, it just feels like play!)

We made up a few different challenges and games:

First, I asked P to put the numbers in order.

Then, he matched the numbers to the quantities of acorns around the table.

Finally, I let P create some games.  He loved hiding his eyes while I removed a few numbers and hid them under our play silk, so that he could come back to the table and use some good ordering and process-of-elimination skills to discover the mystery numbers which were hidden.

Jae creates many different toys like this, as well as some lovely baby items which can all be found in her shop.

Thanks Bella's Casa for a great learning tool we will come back to again and again!

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