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Friday, February 15, 2013

You Are Loved! Super Sneaky Valentine Tote Bag Adventures

We got this idea from our friends at Sparkle Stories - it was so much fun!   I'd definitely say this sometimes feminine holiday has been re-claimed for my adventuresome boys.

First, we made our "You are loved" totes out of brown craft paper and filled them with home-made valentines, cut hearts out of old watercolor paintings, fabric, yarn creations, name it.

P wanted to take his first one to our next door neighbors - So we snuck over, oh so stealthy-like, to hang her bag on her door, rang the doorbell, and ran away.

The best part was running into P's bedroom and watching, all 3 of us, through the blinds, as our neighbor came out in her front yard, found the bag, and went to show her husband (in the front yard) with a huge smile on her face as she took out all the treats.  P was watching her, kind of amazed that his little treat had brought someone so much joy, and said, "I need to make more bags!  This is fun!"

So we did.  The neighborhood was overtaken with Love Totes on Valentine's Day, from some super cunning cupids in disguise.  A couple of our neighbors (older boys) saw us and joined in the fun, too. 

The Valentine Audio Book from Sparkle had this and all kinds of good Valentine fun - I love it that it taught the boys something about giving and a lot about community.

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”
Lao Tzu

Watching to see if treats are stealthy!


  1. Fun idea! I may try this next year. We made some crafts for our next door neighbors and did a heart hunt in the backyard...but it would be fun to combine the 2 ideas...great tool to teach boys.

  2. This reminds me of the May baskets full of flowers we would surprise our neighbors with....very exciting! Great idea.

    1. oh i love the fresh flower idea! thanks elizabeth.